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The goal of our Shelter Plus Care Program is to help individuals who have experienced poverty and homelessness get back on their feet and become independent and contributing members in our Broome and Chenango County communities.

What is it?

Shelter Plus Care is subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide safe, affordable housing to chronically homeless individuals and families with a documented disability. All referrals for the program are generated through the NY-511 Continuum of Care Coordinated Entry System. This is a permanent supportive housing program that provides supportive case management, as well as rental subsidies.

Tenants who are enrolled in the program work in collaboration with case management services in order for tenants to overcome barriers in achieving their desired outcome. The goal of the program is to transition chronically homeless individuals and families into stable housing and assist them in achieving financial independence.

Referrals are accepted from other agencies that work with homeless populations. We document and record past living situations and establish a plan that involves both what actions the case manager will take and the steps the clients will follow to realize their goals. 

It is important for our clients that they are an active participant in determining their own course of action. Our trained Family Advocates keep in constant contact with each individual enrolled in the program to ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle and to assist them in obtaining needed services within the community.

Who is it for?

Chronically homeless individual and/or families with a documented disability who are in need of assistance in regaining independence and control of their lives.  Chronic homelessness is defined as a person that has been either homeless for one full year or have had four episodes homelessness in the past three years.  All of our participants have an underlying disability, such as past drug/alcohol addiction, and/or mental or physical disabilities.

How does this benefit you?

  • Receive counseling services on how to obtain and maintain healthy lifestyle that include case management, life skills education and training, and employment skills training.
  • Acquire permanent affordable and safe housing
  • Get on-going rental subsidies

Contact Information

For information please contact Greater Opportunities at:

Broome County Residents- 607-723-6493

Chenango County Residents- 607-334-7114

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