Financial Literacy

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The goal of our Financial Literacy Program is to help individuals get out of debt and become financially free so they can live happy lives, know how to manage their finances for present situations, identify sound investment opportunities, and become participating members in growing our local economy.

What is it?

Our Financial Literacy Program offers a step by step FREE education financial education on what not to do, how to fix your credit, what loans to choose from, and all the opportunities available at your finger tips.

The Financial Capability program identifies the obstacles that prevent people from buying, helps them develop a plan and budget, and monitors the customers progress towards overcoming the obstacles.

Who is it for?

Individuals who are not ready to purchase for various reasons, such as credit issues, bankruptcy or high debts.

How does this benefit you?

  • Learn how to develop a budget
  • Raise your credit scores
  • Find loans that work for you
  • Balance finances
  • Grow a savings account
  • Pay bills affectively

Contact Information

For information and/or an application, please contact Greater Opportunities at 607-334-7114.

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